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The introduction and discussion of topics relevant to a customer's audience. 

  • Structure:

    • group meeting, conferences, classroom, dinners, etc.

    • Keynote address on topics relevant to the group

    • Featured speaker or panelist

    • Fireside chat or facilitated interview with audience question and answer

  • Engagement: 1 to 4 hours, multiple sessions possible


A closer examination and interactive dialogue  of topics relevant to a customer's audience. Designed to enhance curiosity and exposure  to observed transformational trends in the world and the impact on all facets of business, culture and day to day life.

  • Structure:

    • Presentation & facilitated discussion

    • Session designed to focus on topics of relevance 

    • Format flexible within parameters of customer needs.

  • Engagement: 2 days to 5 days 



The symposium is built in a flexible format to address the character of customer needs. The building of curriculum is therefore a result of client discussions framing issues, objectives, and goals prior to the event. Sessions provide an understanding of the various moving pieces in the environment impacting the decision-making process in the digital age.

  • Structure:

    • Pre-discussion goals & objectives

    • Presentation, facilitated discussion, breakout sessions, team assignments

    • Sessions constructed with frequency applicable to desired customer outcomes. 

  • Engagement: 2 to 3 weeks


The course is designed to enhance intellectual sensitivity to observed transformational trends in the world and their impact on all facets of business and culture. It presents a contemporary examination of issues in modern business covering issues such as technology, trade, emerging economies, and ideological rhetoric. It draws on observation of global examples, historic perspectives, and conversations with recognised academics, practitioners, leaders, and thinkers, distinguished by their position, production, prominence, and publications.

  • Structure:

    • Pre-discussion goals & objectives, methodology, and metrics

    • Up to 20 one hour sessions

    • Can be structured as a full academic class with an additional 4 hours for orientation/introduction, examinations, and summary session. 

    • 20% presentation, 80% facilitated discussion

    • Small group work with project assignments

  • Engagement: 4 to 13 weeks; i.e. full 2 credit course


In-depth interface with customer focused on specifically defined goals and objectives. Through expert  coaching and enabled discussions  tailored to meet client needs. We assist leaders and institutions in the discovery process  helping them to build design capacity and implement effective solutions.

  • Structure:

    • Investigate: process of gather data, listening to internal and external voices, and gather information.  

    • Ruminate: process of examining the data and developing strategies included specific methodologies, outcomes, and metrics. 

    • Activate:  implementation of developed strategies, process management, and evaluation. 

    • Onsite and tech interaction available

  • Engagement: Constructed based on customer needs

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