Professional comprehensive event planning and management in your geography for meetings that bring people together for a common purpose.


We provide;

  • planning services for seminars, conferences, trade shows, executive retreats, conventions, and other programs,

  • concentrated detail orientation to ensure that the purpose is achieved seamlessly,

  • logistics and details for speakers, locations, printed materials, technology, registration, local assets, and more,

  • communication with the client, sponsors, and customers to ensure satisfaction,

  • focus on the goals of the event and the most effective methods of accomplishment, within agreed time limit and budget,

  • on-site event management and coordination with local assets to enable seamless implementation of the event plan,

  • post-event evaluation report.


Travel related service for individuals or groups related to public or private events, private meeting, or recreation. We provide intermediary services for clients using our professional travel associates to simplify the time consuming and complicated process of travel logistics.