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Author Contributes to Book Project

J.R. Klein was honoured to be invited to contribute chapters to a book edited by Lalit Johri, Katherine Corich, and Gay Haskins, published by Routledge. The book, Mastering the Power of You. Empowered by Leader Insights, focuses on the complex and demanding world of the 2020s. It looks at the myriad of difficult decisions leaders face, driven by

the Covid19 pandemic, the economic downturn, rising unemployment and inequalities, digital disruption, uncertain political environments, and climate change. In the book leaders from around the world share their experiences in adapting to the changing world and the lessons they have learned.

Mr Klein penned the chapter Mastering the Power of Moral Values and co-authored a second chapter, Mastering the Power of Negotiations with his friend and cohort Josef Bruckschlögl.

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