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Authors to Attend 2019 CDFI Institute

J.R. Klein, Principal at J.R. Global and Cliff Rosenthal, formerly Assistant Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for the Office of Financial Empowerment, will be attending the National Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) Coalition Institute March 13-14 in Washington, DC. The CDFI Coalition’s Institute brings together a diverse range of CDFIs from across the country to Washington for two days of networking, policy discussions, and advocacy. Mr Rosenthal and Mr Klein are emeritus members of the Coalition both having served as Chair of the Board. They also share the title of author each publishing a new book in 2018.

J.R. Klein Cliff Rosenthal

Rosenthal’s book, Democratizing Finance: Origins of the Community Development Financial Institutions Movement (Friesen Press) is a master work on the history of community development finance according to David Erickson, Director, Fsederal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. It traces the history of an idea, a movement, and an industry that sought to meld the approaches and values of philanthropy and business.

Klein’s book Global Business (Oxford University Press) co-authored by Mahesh Joshi not only deals with global trends in business but also their drivers and consequences. It moves freely between macro-forces to details by country, technology, and organizational form. It challenges readers to think ahead and beyond, to ponder the global challenges facing our world, and to contemplate the role that they play in addressing these challenges, according to Dean Peter Tufano, SaÏd Business School, University of Oxford.

Both books will be available at the event as will the authors. Book orders before the event are available for Global Business on Amazon at and Democratizing Finance also on Amazon at

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