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Klein Talks about Pricing to Profitability

On April 30, 2020 Josef Bruckschlögl, Chief Executive Officer of KWAK Telecom and visiting professor at the University of applied Science in St. Poelten, Austria, interviewed J.R. Global’s principal, J.R. Klein as part of Mr Bruckschlögl’s Masters class "Digital Media Management".

The conversation was part of a series, Case Studies Marketing that focused on global leadership in local markets. Mr Klein’s topic, "From Price to Profitability", included reflections on his role as Chief Executive Officer and CEO Emeritus of the Finance Fund, a social impact financial firm operating in the United States. Their strategy of listening to the market and integrating market representatives in advisory roles was an innovation that has become more widely recognized and continues to be an option for successful social impact investment. The company’s 30-year legacy has addressed basic dysfunctional systems rather than the symptoms they cause. The strategy was to use capital market sensibilities to inspire investment into dysfunctional local communities and solve systemic problems. The financial models employed, and the strategic thinking utilized have driven billions of dollars of investment.

Mr Bruckschlögl also ask questions about the process of publication through the Oxford University Press of Mr Klein’s co-authored book with Mahesh Joshi in 2018. The conversation focused on the interactive detailed process from idea, to proposal, manuscript, editing, and publication. Like the topic of the book Global Business, OUP is global in its operation many of the steps in the process were done in different parts of the world through the wonders of technology.

Klein encouraged students to use the knowledge that they are gathering as the foundation for critical thinking which will help them to understand and inform better decisions.

The full interview is available at

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