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Leader Talks about Globalization

In November 2019, J.R. Global’s principal J.R. Klein was the featured lecture for the Central Ohio Technical College’ Lifelong Learning Institute. The program offers a year-round menu of programs, including lectures, book discussions, field trips, a film-study series, and workshops covering a variety of topics, ranging from history, arts, science, spirituality, and literature, to philosophy, languages, technology, economics, and local, national, and world affairs.

His eight lesson four session presentation include topic such as “What just happened?” (Looking at an interconnected World), “What a difference a day makes. What you see is not necessarily what you get.” (Looking at looking at the World), “Hey, you can’t do that! Now look at the mess you’ve made!” (The disruptive nature of change), and “Flash Gordon would be amazed. You think this is something, just wait till you see tomorrow.” (A brave new world).

Students enjoyed that presentation and the discussion around topics from Mr. Klein's book, Global Business, (2018) Oxford University Press.

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