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London School of Economics Hosts Book Discussion

London School of Economics (LSE) is a world class public research and constituent college of the University of London. It is one of the world’s leading social science universities. Part of their strategy and strength is a curriculum encouraging civil dialogue and inclusive conversations. On November 8th, LSE IDEAS, LSE's foreign policy think tank, hosted a conversation based on Global Business, a book published by Oxford University Press and authored by J. R. Klein and Mahesh Joshi.

LSE Professor John Hughes hosted the panel that included author Mahesh Joshi an LSE alumnus, Ann Marie Juliano founder of D2 International Investments, and Dr. Lalit Johri Senior Fellow in International Business, Saïd Business School University of Oxford.

Joshi, Juliano, Hughes, Johri

The presentation and interactive discussion focused on the ideological viewpoint that the reversal of globalization will cure the world's ills. The growing prominence of international interconnectivity and contradicting attention attained by skewed misinformation about global impact can be complex and confusing. According to panellists and audience comments, the book tackles the discussion of the impact of globalization with concepts that are timely and topics being written in a readable style.

Author Joshi drew on his academic and corporate leadership experience fielding questions from the audience about the intricacies and impact of globalization on all aspects of business. In his current role as the Chief Executive of valve business at Larsen and Toubro (Dubai) he brought insight and real world perspective on business’s ability to remain relevant in a rapidly changing world.

As a special situations advisor to large institutions, specialising in alternative investments with a focus on longevity and mortality risk, Ms Juliano provided an astute perspective. In response to Global Business co-author J. R. Klein’s questions, her experience in a FinTech firm made her remarks regarding the impact of technology and institutionless financial transactions particularly poignant.

Dr. Johri and Professor Hughes comments provided a unique global perspective adding a fresh viewpoint and understanding of the connected nature of today’s world.

The event, at the Thai Theatre, New Academic Building, LSE, was well attending and was followed by a reception at the Theatre.

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