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On a poet's lips I slept

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

J.R. Global is proud to announce the launch of its new art centred website Poetslips Art Studio ( The Studio focuses on the portfolio produced by J.R. Klein over a period of 65+ years. The site presents originals pieces and reproductions of other admired artists. It includes an Art Store offering opportunity to purchase select pieces from the portfolio.

Creativity is the essential element of every piece of life. To allow our creative nature to go unnoticed or unused is to lose the very colour of existence. The artist in all of us waits eagerly to be unleashed. Albert Einstein’s thinking holds true in today’s business world. We cannot solve today's problems with the same way of thinking used to create the problems.

“It is commonly accepted that art represents the world of the spiritual, while business represents that of the material. But they can be more similar than not. Indeed, at a time of constant change and turmoil in so many industries, the business leader can learn much from the artist.” (Iris Lavy, Kinneret-Zmora-Dvir Publishing, 2014)

“From fairest creatures we desire increase, that thereby beauty's rose might never die,” (William Shakespeare)

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