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St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences Hosts Book Discussion.

St. Pölten University is a school located just outside Vienna, Austria. It offers academic opportunity through departments of Rail Technology and Mobility, Health Sciences, Computer Science and Security, Media and Digital Technologies, Media and Economics, and Social Sciences. In their words, the school is locally anchored, globally connected and stands for quality education.

J. R. Klein & Josef Bruckschlögl

In line with that goal and at the invitation of Associate Lecturer Josef Bruckschlögl (MS), J. R. Global Principal, J. R. Klein, was the featured guest of the University’s Department of Media and Economics. The October 25th event featured a presentation of Mr Klein’s recently Oxford University Press published book, Global Business, coauthored with Mahesh Joshi.

The book & conversation program was introduced by Head of the Department of Media and Economics, Mag. Helmut Kammerzelt. The Professor’s remarks set the stage for an active discussion on globalization.

Mag. Helmut Kammerzelt

Mr Bruckschlögl, also the CEO of KWAK Telecom Ltd., a Cypriot company which is the global market leader in the field of international premium rate phone number services lead the conversation. His introduction included a quote from the book’s forward, “Global Business not only enhances our ability to understand the world, but also to help leaders chart the course to our continued collective well-being.” (Peter Tufano, Dean Saïd Business School, Oxford)

Professor Kammerzelt, J. R. Klein, Josef Bruckschlögl

The discussion focused on the history of globalization, what it looks like today, and what the future will hold. As with the book, dialogue addressed primary issues in international business interconnectivity such as transitional leadership, cultural integration, changes in work, and inclusive capitalism. It touched on megatrends such as technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning, societal impact, cultural inclusivity, and nationalism and populism’s impact on worldwide and local communities.

Following the discussion, a reception for guests included an opportunity for a book signing and face-to-face conversation with the author.

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