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Our world is rapidly reshaping. Geopolitics, emerging economic powers, business disruptions, market volatility, and the lightning speed of innovation are redefining traditional strategies and roles. Thriving organizations and companies must adapt, seamlessly, to the changing environment. Roles are changing and leaders must learn, unlearn, and relearn at an accelerating pace.


J.R. Global presents a straightforward, understandable framing of trends that demystifies the social, economic, and cultural impacts of change. We help businesses identify problems, simplify complexities, and structure effective solutions.


In the overarching domains of water, energy, education, and health J.R. Global comes alongside clients to help:

  • Think through issues of changing global trends and their local effects

  • Identify core challenges and achieve cutting edge solutions

  • Address issues of security and access

  • Analyze, strategize, and build communication channels

  • Add value by partnering toward specific goals



Our experience and education allow us to present relevant, appropriate, and expedient content not only to executive leadership in Executive Education, PhD, MBA, and upper level academic curriculum but also organizational and business leadership coaching. J.R. Global’s experts are passionate about facilitating thinking discussions designed to help clients discover their strengths and weaknesses. The process is designed to achieve applicable strategies for aggregating information, analyzing issues, and implementing creative and effective solutions.


In particular environments with challenging elements and timeframes full of moving parts, J.R. Global is able to come alongside a business or organization with longer term commitments and shared potential and objectives. This is accomplished with a more formalized structure build on Fee for Service, short term Value Added contracts, or Joint Venture Partnerships. These arrangements are built on providing value adding expertise to organizations while they move through challenging transitions, grow capacities, and expand bandwidth.


Our focus is on addressing the business, social, and cultural aspects of today’s changing world. We specialize in facilitating critical thinking and planning for companies and organizations, large and small, to identify and analyze problems and build usable solutions. As thought leaders, we contribute our expertise via discussion groups, panels, and roundtables, and serving as guest speakers. Our associates are professional authors, editors, and practitioners whose expertise provides effective inculcation of information through sponsored or J.R. Global convened interactions and events.