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Strengthening Local and Global Communities

We present a straightforward, understandable framing of trends that demystifies the social, economic, and cultural impacts of change.

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Dedicated to strengthening local and global communities through thoughtful application of systemic change.

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Our world is rapidly reshaping.

Geopolitics, emerging economic powers, business disruptions, market volatility, and the lightning speed of innovation are redefining traditional strategies and roles. Thriving organizations and companies must adapt, seamlessly, to the changing environment. Roles are changing and leaders must learn, unlearn, and relearn at an accelerating pace.

Client Testimonials

I understand the importance of strong economic and social systems that stabilize communities large and small around the country and the world. As a member of the search team that hired Mr. Klein into what became, under his leadership, one of the best inclusive capital investors in the country, we share an affinity to issues of access and inclusivity at all levels. His expertise in organizational culture, pragmatic visionary leadership, strategic planning, cultural integration, performance, measurement, and social impact is recognized worldwide.

Jerry A. Katz

Vice President, Huntington National Bank

As an engineering faculty member at The Ohio State University and co-founder and CEO of Design Outreach, I am aware of the connection between local communities and international business. My connection to J.R. Klein has revolved around the common interest and purpose of providing access to basic human needs at the local level. His knowledge, experience, and global vision have made him a valued player in helping to deliver appropriate technology to people in developing countries.

Dr. Greg Bixler

CEO, Design Outreach

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