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Under the Influence

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I was immediately drawn to her when I first saw her. She had recently started attending high school after her country school closed down. Despite being a couple of years younger than me, we started dating. One day, she invited me to a family gathering, where I met her mother. I have to admit that her mother's engaging, inquisitive, and focused personality left me in awe for a moment. Her mother was a second-generation Norwegian immigrant with a stoic, patient, and common-sense approach that was quite impressive.

Throughout the years of courting and being married to her daughter, I remained constantly impressed and astounded by the wisdom and influence that she quietly wielded. They resided on a farm that had been the original homestead. She had been a teacher in the one-room country schoolhouse where she met her husband. He was a leader in the Norwegian community of farmers in the area, and she was his right hand. Apart from keeping the house in order and being a therapist for the neighborhood, she also gave piano lessons, taught classes in church, served as the church pianist and choir director, and was the one who got things done. She profoundly impacted many people's lives and was the primary influencer in her world. She was an influencer.

Influence plays a crucial role in shaping individuals and communities. It can come from various sources, including family, friends, teachers, and mentors. A person's influence can profoundly impact the lives of those around them, shaping their beliefs, values, and behaviors. The influence of my mother-in-law was significant in the lives of those around her, and her impact was long-lasting. Influence plays a crucial role in shaping culture and society. It can come from individuals, organizations, or even technologies and can impact everything from our beliefs and values to our behaviors and attitudes. How we use our influence, intentionally or unintentionally, can shape how others think and act and can have a lasting impact on the world around us.

While influence can have a positive impact, it can also be dangerous. When people are under the influence of others, they may lose their sense of self and their ability to make independent decisions. The influence of negative individuals or groups can lead to harmful behaviors and beliefs, such as discrimination, hate, and violence. In addition, the influence of technology and social media can be particularly potent, as it can spread misinformation and propaganda quickly and easily. It is essential to be aware of the potential dangers of influence and to be critical of the sources of influence in our lives. We should strive to maintain our independence and make informed decisions based on our beliefs and values rather than simply following the influence of others.

To become a positive influencer, you should lead by example, be true to yourself, listen attentively, share your knowledge, motivate others, concentrate on the positive aspects of situations, and treat people with respect and kindness. By practicing these behaviors consistently, you can significantly impact the lives of those around you.

Rafal Olbinski

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Apr 16

I absolutely love this article "Under the Influence"


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